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The amazing versatility of area rugs

When a homeowner thinks of area rugs, it is often with a specific function in mind. Whether decorative or protective, these pieces can be a true powerhouse in any home, atop any other type of floor covering, and in any room. The fact is, they do more than many think they do, as they are always working in more than one area. Whatever your need, it’s worth looking further into this amazing product line to see all the ways your own needs can be met.

Alpha Rug Expo brings more than 20 years of flooring experience to each and every customer engagement. With strict dedication to excellent customer service, we believe in personalizing your service specifically to the need you have when you walk through our showroom doors in Alpharetta, GA. From there, we serve the surrounding area with a complete line of flooring products and services, and we aim for your complete satisfaction before you leave our store. Come see us today to see how we can assist you.

Area rugs could be the answer

When you are looking for the perfect complement to an existing decor scheme, or creating a brand new one from scratch, an area rug could be the strand that pulls everything together. There’s no lack of variety, either, in the many different colors, patterns, styles, and designs available to you in this niche. What’s more, they can be found in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and binding types as well.

When protection is the key element you have in mind, these rugs can be a true floor saver. Placed under heavy furniture pieces, you’ll find a noticeable decrease in the denting or crushing of your underlying floor covering. Placed strategically throughout your home, they can also work to catch and trap debris and tiny particles of dirt that would otherwise find its way into your home to act like sandpaper on your floor’s finish.
High fashion area rugs in Roswell, GA from Alpha Rug Expo
Your choice of fibers may be different, depending on which purpose you’re choosing your area rug for, and rightly so. When decor is the primarily function, you can go with something much more plush and soft than what you’ll need for protection. Your flooring specialist can discuss further details in this area.

One of the most appealing things about area rugs, however, is the fact that they are completely mobile. You can move them around your home for different types of aesthetic appeals in different rooms. You can also pick them up and move them for cleaning purposes. An area rug is truly a work of art, no matter what its purpose.

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